Inexperienced with dating dating a japanese fender strat

One moment I think she likes me and then the doubt kicks in again.

Every time I notice a sign which makes me think I should go for it immediately I start to worry what if I am just seeing things.

First times are (atleast for me) always a thing I am nervous about and I just have to do it.

It's nice and not a mood killer at all to ask if you can kiss her. I've always been down to kiss anyone who asked, even in a "yeah sure why not" way, whereas people who dive for it can make me uncomfortable On your next date in a private moment or at the end or when there is a significant pause (choose your moment) just say "can I kiss you? Consent is sexy, you can't be seen as a creep, it's WAY easier than just going for it and in the dozen times I've used that phrase it has never backfired.

it sounds like things are great between you two, and you deserve to really enjoy it.

I hate to sound doom and gloomy but you will lose the good time you have right now together if you don't make a move within a reasonable period.

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    In the June 2011 issue of ESSENCE magazine, cover girl Alicia Keys speaks out against those scandalous homewrecker accusations--years after they began.

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    Of 19,131 couples who met online and got married, only around 7% were either separated or divorced. What’s more, the seemingly endless choice also leads to people not following through on swipes or messages, and staying on treating these apps like a never-ending carousel of romantic and sexual promises.