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These events could be web events (Web Adding, Web Provisioned, Web Deleting etc), feature events (Feature Activated, Feature Deactivated etc) or most popularly, list item events (Item Updated, Item Updating, Item Added etc).Before Properties and After Properties are available for the different event receiver classes.The most common set of receivers used, however, are part of SPItem Event Receiver which let you wire your code up to a number of events that can occur to items on a list or library.When working with events, you’ll quickly find that before (synchronous) and after (asynchronous) events exist, and the method suffix such as “ing” (e.g. Item Added) will tell you whether it gets invoked before or after the actual change is made. And, as you get deeper, you’ll even find that you can extract the before and after state of the change. Utilities)Roadblocks• My first road block is that Http Context is not available in event handler.• To resolve this problem Check this • Now after finding a way to get Http Context we can use SPUtility.

With the exception of feature events, here is a full list of available Share Point events, event receivers, and event hosts for quick reference.

In such cases the Item Updating event always occurs after the Item Adding() event occurs. is there is one list name “Student Marks” and fields has English, Hindi, Telugu, Total, AVG. The total field should be update automatically if I update any of the language marks. The reason for cause of that issue is: Might be your opened solution debugging location is same as others opened solution debugging location.

But here the actual problem is if you are updating two fields at a time the Item Updating event fires 2times. So, please close all the opened solutions and try again by opening your sol.

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