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If you are already on hormone replacement, don't let that deter you from adjusting your eating and exercise habits to lose the weight you want.

It is never too late to start, however, you may just have to work a little harder to adjust for the decrease in your metabolism, whether you are on hormones or not.

Whether or not you are on hormone therapy, the strategy for managing your weight is the same and HT will not make it harder: A regular program that includes these exercises will help you lose weight, as well as tone your body and keep you strong and upright.

Any hip pads, or butt pads, or spanks are going to be painfully obvious. But this is another tough one for trans women to pull off. Skinny jeans will REALLY exaggerate the size of your feet. The biggest rule I’ve learned is this- just say no to cap sleeves. A little clingy is fine, but you want a little structure to it. And believe it or not- a v-neck can help slenderize the face as it draws the eye down. They can be wonderful tools for creating shape by defining a waist, but with the wrong body shape and wrong best- they can be horrid.

If you don’t care to camouflage, or are more androgynous or genderqueer- then by all means get down with your bad self. Your shoulders and chest are smaller than your waist, hips, and thighs.

This is just meant to be a guide for minimizing masculine features. In order to draw attention- you will be looking to pull the eye up north, away from the mid-section.

Balance the calories you use up during exercise with a healthy diet.

Choose a diet which is: The best time to prepare for managing the changes in your metabolism and weight that come with age and menopause is to practice healthy habits early in life.

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