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In churches shaped like a cross, the nave is the long, vertical stem.

In order to build a nave, you would need to have columns or pillars as well as walls that support the building.

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The nave is behind the choir (where the choir sits) which is itself behind the Chancel (where the clergy sit and where the furniture like lectern is situated, which is in turn behind the sanctuary (the site of the communion table or 'altar').

The nave runs from the entrance, to the space around the altar ka the chancel.

Entry into the nave may be direct by doors from the outside, or indirect by way of a vestibule ka the narthex between the outside doors and the nave.

For "nave", the sentence would be: "The procession, led by the Bishop, began a slow march up the aisle into the nave of the cathedral." or, if you meany "naive", it would be: "He was somewhat naive in expecting a handwritten note from his favorite actor would accompany the studio photograph he asked for".

This is the part of the church where the people sit.

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