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If your state has the same residency restrictions, all it takes is a tiny patch of grass to drive out registered sex offenders.If you want to clear out the sex criminals from your neighborhood and make some side money at the same time, you could start a childcare business. Many states with residency restrictions forbid registered offenders from living near childcare facilities.Find out who represents you in your state legislature. If you can motivate your neighbors to also get their voices heard, you might just spark something that gets dangerous people out of your neighborhood. If you want to find out exactly who is dangerous in your neighborhood, search your public records.

Be sure to use Truth Finder's Sex Offender Monitoring service to be immediately alerted if a dangerous predator moves into your community.

You can feel confident in the knowledge that you're protecting your body and your health.

You need to learn to stay safe when it comes to sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STIs or STDs), unwanted pregnancies, and other risky sexual behaviors.

The police reported that Linares left the neighborhood and moved somewhere else.

If there is one sex offender, in particular, you desperately want out, protest with your neighbors.

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