Hogwarts dating quizzes

Here's what it would be like to date your favorite character from Harry Potter, from your first date to how you say I love you to where you're getting hitched (DIBS ON REMUS LUPIN, EVERYONE ELSE CAN SUCK A DOXY): Where you'd go on your first date: A cozy little tucked away coffee shop on a rainy afternoon, full of books and old newspapers.How you'd spend quality time together: Reading books side by side on the weatherproof love seat on your porch and attending rallies for the justice and equality of underprivileged nonhuman creatures. W.; she accidentally squashed your Chocolate Frog card collection under all her books.What you'd fight about: Butterbeer loosened your tongue and you called it "spew" instead of spelling out S. Their version of I love you: Uncreasing the indents you left in a book to keep your place, and shoving a sweet little bookmark in there that she wrote your favorite quote on in calligraphy.

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