Histological dating endometrium

Despite those attempts to refine the technique of endometrial biopsy, the definitive study to validate this diagnostic approach has never been done, and thus the relationship between histological changes and endometrial receptivity remains unknown (3, 10, 11).

In recent years, an intensive search for specific markers for receptivity has been undertaken.

A biopsy specimen was considered abnormal when there was a lack of expected endometrial development, which represented a lag of 2 or more days between endometrial date and calendar dating from the subsequent menstrual period (1, 2).

If the biopsy was out of phase, a second biopsy should be done during a subsequent cycle, and the original finding should be confirmed.

The mucous membrane comprising the inner layer of the uterine wall; it consists of a simple columnar epithelium and a lamina propria that contains simple tubular uterine glands.

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6–8 d after ovulation) is more sensitive for identifying altered patterns of endometrial maturation (3–5).

The endometrium changes in thickness and structure with the menstrual cycle.

The stratum compactum and the stratum spongiosum constitute the pars functionalis and are shed with each menstrual flow.

The blastocyst implants into the endometrium making the uterus gravid.

If implantation does not occur, the superficial part of the endometrium is shed during the (hemorrhagic) menstrual phase of the uterine mucous membrane lining of the uterus, consisting of the stratum compactum, the stratum spongiosum, and the stratum basale.

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