Harry potter dating sim

The game allows players to progress through the years of Hogwarts, being sorted in Year 1, and attending Charms, Flying and Potions classes and taking on many more Hogwarts rites of passage in order to progress their character through an original story, still be unveiled by the award-winning narrative role playing game.Jam City's press release explained: Before the Patronus Special Adventure, players who have advanced to Year 1 Chapter 6 and beyond can partake in the full marks leaderboard event, where they can earn a special Patronus-related prize. Story missions could pop up every few weeks in small, episodic chunks just like the chapters in the books (which similarly jump around the school year), and some tactical gameplay would leverage the spells, abilities, and magic of Rowling’s world. Imagine selecting offensive and defensive spells to counter enemies, using potions for buffs and boosts, interacting with the environment — it all seems like it would transfer really well to a ’ systems: pick a house of students to teach, choose specific classes to study in and fellow students to befriend over time. Mysterious authority figure running the place with a vested interest in main character who definitely knows more than they’re saying about the threat unfolding? In fact, in the delirium haze of marathoning ’s turn-based, back-and-forth combat could be perfect for the Wizarding World, which typically sees duels with a more call-and-response style.

In Wizards Unite, you play as a member of Statute of Secrecy Task Force, and you are challenged with exploring the real world, locating Foundables (important people and items in the wizarding world), and dispelling the Confoundable magic that's trapping them.

The fervor inevitably began to dissipate in the months that followed, but is overlaid on top of the real world, with points of interest dotted all over the in-game map.

You will have to actually get up and leave your house in order to play the game, but rather than catching Pokemon, you’ll complete challenges and do battle with mythical creatures.

: there’s the monthly gameplay structure, in which you can explore the monastery / school, fish in the lake, run the greenhouse, share meals with students, and engage in magical studies. ’ time jump, with students growing over time and unlocking new abilities (and hairstyles) along the way.

And there are the story missions, where your students get to apply those skills fighting evils both ancient and new. Magic school (in this case, the Garreg Mach Monastery Officer’s Academy)? All you’d need to do is throw in a House Cup mechanic to earn points for your house and a Quidditch mini-game somewhere along the way, and you’d be all set.

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