Gui updating framebuffer

When you call 'qlabel-set Text('newer text'), then the code goes and updates the frame buffer.You should be careful in comparing graphic frame works.If so, then your Qt programming could be improved by looking at the source for the raycasting demo. What I dont understand is that even without moving into the maze using the key ... What is the refreshing rate at which the Qt writes to the FB.Regards, Siva Hi All, I have also been been using Qt with Linux for last 6 months, i want to capture all the output(RGB) data and need to send server, if i got to know how qt writes data into frame buffer then its easy to capture those data, so please let me konw the display mechanisum of qt.

The display glass itself does not have any memory, so the pixel values must be transmitted to the display continuously, regardless of whether or not the frame buffer contents change.Just the same way gdm is started instead of showing a console login prompt.Bonus question: What would happen if said application crashed? Edit: I have been reading up on runlevels and startup.Wind ML, Zinc, Peg, Nano X, etc all have different features. I used painter to draw a sin wave with 600 points, but found refresh rate has only about 5~7Hz, cannot be higher.Having graphics acceleration to draw lines, text, fill areas, etc will increase the frame rates possible with some of these systems. Then I try QWT curvdemo2 example (300 data points) on ARM linux for comparison and found refresh rate also very slow, is it normal?

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