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Not to mention the Bermudan tax-avoidance scheme he helps operate as a member of Google's board of directors - the company paid just £11.2m to HM Revenues &Customs last year on an estimated £3bn of UK revenues - and his now-infamous statement that: "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."Of all the above, of course, it has been the Google chairman's radical view of privacy rights - or our lack thereof - that has transformed him from anonymous mega-nerd to a kind of Big Brother figure for the post-i Phone age.Schmidt has boasted that "we can more or less know what you're thinking about", that "we can suggest what you should do next", and opined that everyone in the future should change their name on reaching adulthood to escape the undeletable indiscretions of their teenage years.Google's chairman Eric Schmidt has a new girlfriend, who's just like all his other girlfriends.

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Most Internet users know Google as the leading search engine for information on the world wide web, but the company is also responsible for Android, Google Glasses and various applications that help make the Internet a more user-friendly and fluid space.

Racy images of bikini-topped young females from a now-closed Instagram account.

And, bizarrely, an account of the Google chairman's 2007 road trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, during which he had a screaming argument with Apple founder Steve Jobs on a desert payphone, and was later photographed amid the acid heads and techno freaks dressed in a red neckerchief and a pair of -style lab goggles.

Unlike many Internet companies, Google is transparent when it comes to contact and location information for the company headquarters.

Google is responsible for a long list of household names, including You Tube, Gmail, Google Drive, Motorola Mobility, Plink Art, Pyra Labs,, Android, Waze and Picasa.

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