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A: About 30 million people Which city is the capital of Nevada?A: Carson City How many people are in the state of California?The game "Scaredy Pants" at Istanbul can take some practice to beat.The games "Brainiacs" and "Spin for Riches" involve general knowledge and a limited number of possible questions. The hardest is likely "Kerplunk" because you have to discover how the challenges work before you can move quickly enough through them to win. maybe you would ask "how was your childhood" to some one and that person could say, "How was YOUR childhood?I have added a link under related links to the Friday July 17 2009 Jeopardy show for 12 year old contestants.You can also access the previous game for another kids Jeopardy game.

The show consists of a test to see if somebody is lying by answering questions while attached to a polygraph for a chance to earn a cash prize. You would go to "my contributions" under "my pages" to the left of the page.

As long as you respect your lover and are truthful to them, be it about a secret crush or a flirty conversation with someone else, it’ll bring both of you closer and remove all traces of insecurity in the relationship.

[Read: Is flirting really cheating when you’re in a relationship?

There would adjust it to only show you "questions (asked)".

At that point, there are all of your questions to the site.

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