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Erwin Hymer NA went into receivership back in February and resulted in 900 people losing their jobs.French RV maker Rapido has agreed to purchase the defunct manufacturer and expects to rehire up to 130 employees.

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The man behind the video is Justin Payne, a self-described vigilante pedophile hunter whose You Tube videos have garnered over 15 million views.

The apartments were then sold at auction, with each couple keeping any profit made above a set reserve price and the couple with the highest profit winning a A0,000 prize.

The current format is relatively the same except the series usually features five couples, it is mainly based in Melbourne suburbs and the budget is 0,000 .

Also in this finale episode, Josh proposed to Jenna, his girlfriend for five years and partner on The Block.

This was the worst auction in the history of The Block with auction profits having a combined result of $ Polly and Waz were the only couple whose property sold at auction, with the other three failing to meet their reserve prices.

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