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Rachel says, "If your sex life has gone from 60 to 0, it is a bad sign that your relationship is on the fritz.

A little ebb and flow of desire is normal, but if one of you has lost the desire completely (without any underlying medical condition involved) it is time to end it."If you're not quite ready to call it a day, try bringing the zing back with a new sex position, or introduce a couples sex toy like a love egg into the mix.

We're talking about full-on daydreams of your life as a single person, or how you're going to attract someone new.

"If you start daydreaming about other people, imagining your life as a single human, and fantasising about the next person you want to date, your relationship is basically over. Either way, it's THEM you should be dreaming about, so you need to rethink if you have a wandering mind.

Does the thought of spending more time with your S/O than necessary fill you with dread?

Then you need to have a serious relationship overhaul!

There are many factors that come into play when deciding if it's time to call it quits, but it all comes down to whether you can rebuild the trust," says Rachel De Alto.

So if you find yourself drifting into sweet dreams about everyone OTHER then your partner, you need to question just why that is. If you get to a point however, when you can no longer resolve the issues and just fight ALL the time, you need to think about how you want to continue in the relationship.

"Are either of you no longer talking about issues or communicating about things that bother you?

That is a huge sign that one of you has checked out."Failing to communicate will leave a big void in your relationship and cause minor problems to spiral into unnecessary issues.

Rachel says, "Often people tend to start picking fights when they feel a relationship is at its end.

They are trying to get their partner to do the dirty work and break it off."So if the small things that never used to bother you are now more infuriating then cute, it's time to move on to someone where you can spend your time snogging, rather then arguing.

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