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One thing a German Christmas should always conjure: food, and plenty of it.

Sometimes, when coming to Germany, expats and international travelers have the stereotype of dour, rigid, and humorless Germans firmly lodged in their mind.

Both have a hard exterior shell, which may take some time to crack, but are soft and sweet on the inside.

Practically speaking, this means that German customs generally impose a certain formality when interacting with strangers and casual acquaintances.

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Erring on the side of formal politeness is also recommended when making phone calls in Germany.

Unlike the United States, most fireworks are legal in Germany, and there are very few public fireworks displays—though the largest and most famous takes place at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate.

Instead it’s every German for him or herself, and being in a German city at midnight on New Year’s Eve can feel like being in the middle of a war zone as the entire population takes to the streets to denote them.

Fortunately, this cliché regarding German customs and behavior is exactly that – just a cliché.

In order to describe German customs and social interactions, intercultural consultants like comparing Germans to coconuts.

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