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I just updated my Nuvi 660 from v.3.5 to v3.6 software and got the error message. Your procedure worked great,had the "System software missing" after a Webupdate_241.Yes, it took at least 60sec for pre boot mode to disappear but once it did, unit was back to normal with v3.6 OS. I was on Wi Fi late at night with very good speed,it all took only about 5 minutes.There was a progress bar and after about 2 minutes it was done. I assumed that my device was just completing the BT update cycle.Can't say I've seen this happening after an extended time from when my device was booted up.I am not sure what exactly worked, but finally I have the ability to sync data, get notifications on the phone, and so on. Add your phone to Garmin Express and wait until sync has finished. :) If stopping does not help, remove Google Play Services update, as it seems that only most recent versions interfere with pairing process. Tap the device name and try pairing it as usual (your watch will show the code and you will be able to input it). Start Google Play Services and have fun with your watch.Make sure that device appears at your Garmin Connect top panel. If you don’t know where to do this, go to Settings-Stop. Open Garmin Connect Mobile, skip initial setup and go to Garmin Devices. If you have removed updates, it’s time to get them back to most recent version.As useful as the system is, it is actually fairly uncomplicated. This is a bug in the Nuvi 660, including the current 4.40 firmware and whatever the latest bluetooth software is.

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I had updated the firmware, but that was maybe 2 weeks prior. Also at the power they transmit and the fact that users sometimes lose signals when they enter long tunnels or parking gargaes, it would seem that a sat update would not be reliable enough.

I assume you have used the bluetooth in those two weeks. All they do is transmit a signal with their id, and the time the signal left the satellite.

Your GPSr uses geometry and some almanac data to calculate your position.

When the unit came back up again the following error came up on the screen: "system software missing" The Nuvi would not boot! HOLD down the power button and you will see "Pre Boot Mode" appear on the lower part of the display.

I contacted the local Garmin support rep and I was given the following sequence to recover from this condition: 1. KEEP HOLDING the power button down and the display will flicker, do this until the pre boot mode message disappears.

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