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In late 2017, a post by Technical Support Lead, Wayne Luke, confirmed that v Bulletin 3 was now considered to be "End of Life" software, with no further development of the series planned.

A month before our big day, we were in Boston browsing a little boutique and came across a little book of sailor’s knots.

The license agreement can be viewed at you are receiving this email as a network or host we are having difficulties making contact with an end user and would ask that you please assist by passing this email to them so they may have prior notice of our intentions to take further action in the event that the matter is not resolved.

=================================================================================== Date: 13 July 2009 URGENT ACTION AND RESPONSE REQUIRED PLEASE Re: v Bulletin Software use at v Bulletin actively protects its intellectual property through "Pirate Reports" ( and is keen to avoid formal reporting, to identify any administrative errors, or errors where license owners may have incorrectly followed the registration procedure and licensing terms and conditions.

It arrived last weekend, but a combination of long work hours, lack of daylight, and wintery conditions have all conspired against me, and I only managed to get the test Done & Dusted this afternoon (boom boom).

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