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Part way through dinner I excused myself to use the powder room.I always like to check my hair and makeup as I like to keep looking good throughout my date.He said he would see me at seven o’clock and that we would go out to dinner.I was excited about our upcoming date as we both liked each other on the phone.He agreed to this and we proceeded to choose our entrees.Talk flowed easily between us and it was obvious we were both happy to be with each other.I excused myself to get a vase and put them in water.He took a seat in the living room and made small talk with my oldest daughter.

Since he was a relative of a friend I told him I would relax my rule about giving out my home address.A friend called me one day and asked if I would like to meet her husband’s uncle.I asked her what he was like and she began to describe this wonderful, single, handsome, well off fellow that I should meet.He assured me that he was feeling a little nervous and that the three drinks would help him relax.As our waiter approached, I asked him if he was going to order anything more to drink with our dinner.

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