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Ava Du Vernay is the producer, writer and director of the Netflix series ' When They See Us,' which has 16 Emmy nominations.

Told from the perspective of the "Central Park Five" — five black and brown teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of assault and rape in 1989 — the series examines how how officials manipulated the boys into giving false confessions. Williams, who's nominated for his performance in ' When They See Us' as the father of Antron...

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Raphael Bob-Waksberg's Emmy-nominated animated Netflix series satirizes Hollywood using a mix of human and animal characters.

"I always considered song parody kind of cheap," the Emmy-nominated performer says. She talks with Terry Gross about how that experience informs her work and wanting to be a "tough guy." She's nominated for two Emmys — one for writing and one for starring in the series.

Christina Applegate is nominated for her role in the Netflix series ' Dead to Me,' opposite Linda Cardellini, as...

He talked with Terry Gross in 2016 about coming up with the concept of his man-on-the-street series. Natasha Lyonne's character on the Netflix series ' Russian Doll' keeps dying and coming back to life.

Randy Rainbow writes and performs satirical songs about President Trump set to the melodies of show tunes. It's a premise that strikes a chord with the actor; Lyonne had a near-death experience in 2005.

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