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It is part of daily life.” Ms Chen, who was born in Urumqi, in far-western China, said her ideal man needed to be “sociable, generous, vigorous, and conversational.” He also needed money.“He should have some economic strength, at least 10 million yuan in assets, since all my friends have that much money or more and the personal wealth is a reflection of integrated capability.Phase two of the search will begin on July 20 when organisers start sifting through CVs and vetting the would-be husbands in a series of face-to-face meetings with relationship specialists and fortune-tellers in hotels around China.they aren't even pics of the same woman - they just all have blonde hair!!Kind of worrying that months later this profile is still here and using even more photos belonging to Jocelyn Cano.

She's one of those guys who barks orders and expects results because it's a female profile.

Here’s a teachable moment about that; it’s based on a recent interview about the Ebola epidemic.

My first experience in sales and business came as I sold cookies door-to-door as a child.

It has been very hard to keep these from our girls!!!

These young girls learn essential skills like financial literacy, innovation, and reaching goals through cookie sales.

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