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We're back live in-studio on Wednesday this week, so our Twitch and DLive streams will return at that time.Meanwhile, if you haven't followed us on DLive, please do that at - you'll help us reach our goal of 1,000 followes there - thank you!Naturally, the Crypto Mecca of Keene, New Hampshire plays an important role in Bitcoin’s early days. Please do share one of these three news stories to help spread the news internationally: The original Free Keene piece that broke the news. Hopefully you've found the video stream notifications useful.You can watch the video here : Here's a quick rundown of the big news this week, in case you missed it. The Union Leader newspaper's story - Nobody's first mainstream media coverage. After about a year-and-a-half of streaming on Twitch, we've crossed 1,000 followers there.

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Guessing we'll need to reach 10,000 followers before we can be in that neighborhood. Load this link in your web browser and you'll be loaded into our Discord server: Easy! Free Talk Live host Mark Edge delivered a speech he called, “What is Freedom? Sadly, in recent years, Mark has become a jaded activist and has looked heavily at moving to some “special economic zone” project or another, or perhaps Seasteading . Free Talk Live is now accepting contributions in Monero , the world's premiere privacy coin.Updated: 2/18/2017Experience the joys of talking to a stranger online for free with 7 Cups of Tea..All people desire to connect with others in meaningful ways, and that can be accomplished with strangers or online therapy.Our need for connectedness can be fulfilled by a stranger.Think of a time when you had a verbal exchange with a stranger that left you feeling connected to them in some way.

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