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This course is designed for beginners and we assume students have no prior knowledge in web development.

More Info »Only 12 seats left Mondays & Wednesdays - pm-pm | Start Date: October 7-November 13, 2019 Guitar lessons for beginners focus on finger placement, strumming, sight-reading, understanding groove and chord placement.

More Info »Only 12 seats left Friday – pm - pm & Saturday - pm - pm | Start Date: October 18 – November 23 In this hands-on technology class, Cynthia Rocha will be teaching teens how to create mobile applications for Android and IOS. More Info »Only 12 seats left Friday – pm - pm & Saturday - am - pm | Start Date: October 18 – November 23 This class is for Adults & Seniors who wish to get more use off their smartphones.

The mission of the Mc Allen Creative Incubator, the “cultural arm“ of the Chamber of Commerce, is to help drive the vitality of economic development of Mc Allen and the Rio Grande Valley Region by strengthening the partnership between business and the cultural arts communities.

Creative & Enrichment Classes is a series of classes meant to engage young adults 16 and adults in creative processes and to continue to expose residents to the cultural arts.

More Info »Only 12 seats left Tuesdays & Thursdays – 10am to 12pm | Start Date: October 15, 2019-October 31, 2019 Porcelain painting is a beautiful way of displaying art in your home or office.

A personally created art piece can be passed on from generation to generation, adding invaluable worth to it as the years go by.

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