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Join CAMCrew After the major earthquake of 25 April, 2015, many children were affected by the damage wrought by the earthquake.

Schools and houses had collapsed, villages were flattened, and more than 9000 people were killed.

By focusing on alternative materials found easily in some of our art activities, CAM Nepal was able to make the children realize that they could do art even without basic art supplies as well, and many children looked forward to creating art at home and during their free time.

Over repeated sessions, children become less inhibited and more comfortable expressing themselves during and after the art-making activities.

The physical and mental trauma caused by this massive natural disaster was felt by almost everyone in the country.

Granted, there might not be as many girls on there as there are on some of the other sites mentioned here (apparently, Adult Friend Finder has a 16 to one male to female ratio), but given the nature of the site, you can get from chatting to sex much faster than with any of the other chatrooms below. With the help of an enthusiastic response from eager volunteers and children’s groups, we work on various events and workshops, and have established partnerships with various local and international social service organizations. Here, we show off the newest art works and projects we do with our tiny artist, thinkers, and learners.We have had so many educational and interactive art exhibitions, concerts and paint parties here!They either explore making landscapes in other mediums, or make portraits, objects and abstract and colourful pieces out of materials and colours they simply enjoy using.Also, children were also naturally opening up more about any struggles that they have had – bullying, loss of family member, loss of security etc.

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