Form 1099 liquidating dividend

Qualified dividends are ordinary dividends taxed at the lower rates that apply to net long-term capital gain.

Qualified dividends must meet certain requirements. Nondividend distributions are those not paid from a corporation’s profits.

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Form 1099-DIV should list the distribution in the various categories. To learn more, see these tax tips: How to Make Extra Money: 10 Side Gigs You Could Start Tomorrow Need to make some extra money?

The deadline to file this form with the IRS is end of February if filing on paper.

If filing electronically then the deadline is end of March.

If a fund has income other than non-qualified dividend income that exceeds fund expenses, the fund will distribute at least some dividends that are not qualified.

Sources of income that are not qualified dividend income include interest, capital gains, securities lending income, certain preferred or foreign dividends, dividends from real estate investment trusts (REIT dividends), and dividends on securities where the Fund did not meet certain holding period requirements.

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