Florida dating violence definition

The definition also includes people who were residing together in a single dwelling unit as a if they were a family, or individuals who have a child in common.Part of the petition (that is, the application) for an injunction for protection against domestic violence requires the individual seeking the injunction to describe the nature of the relationship between the parties.Florida statutes are specific as to who may apply for these injunctions, the procedures that are to be followed when applying for them, and what relief is – and is not – available.In addition to an injunction prohibiting domestic violence, Florida law allows for other types of injunctions as well, including: · Repeat violence injunctions, available where there have been two incidents of violence or stalking (one of which must have occurred within six months of the filing of the petition).

That is a difference you must be prepared to prove in court by discussing the entire set of facts and circumstances.There is no filing fee that needs to be paid in order to ask for a domestic violence injunction.The petitioner completes the form and swears to the accuracy of the information.In addition, the threat of becoming a domestic violence victim must be “imminent,” that is, immediate.A mere threat that doesn’t contain any language suggesting it will be carried out in the near future (such as “I’ll see you in court”) may not be enough to support an injunction.

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