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It is a fact that Venezuela has the most beauty pageant winners.

This is mainly because Venezuela women are exotic: they are a mixture of Europeans and Amerindians.

Most people would agree to the fact that Venezuela women are really passionate. Contraception is not that popular Well, Venezuela is a deeply religious country.

Without any doubt, Venezuelan women are extremely beautiful. They are very orthodox when it comes to many things including contraception. Even if they are not religious, contraception is not widely practiced. And you can also buy pills from a nearby pharmacy in case if you haven’t used protection.

But there are other aspects you need to learn in order to find your perfect match. And they love to depend on their men for everything. Since they are not that fond of contraception, they encounter many problems, including unplanned pregnancy and STDs. That may have resulted in a high number of teenage mothers. They live with their parents Living together is not promoted in Venezuela owing to their Catholic beliefs. And they love to stay with husband’s family after marriage.

They look up to their men If you come from any of the western countries, you have seen women always advocating for equal rights. You have seen strong, independent women who don’t really need a man. Or in other words, you are the one shelling out money at all junctures. So, it is important to understand how they function. This can come in the way of intimacy which you don’t want. The women of Venezuela are famous for their beauty and Venezuela won more beauty titles than any other country in the world.

It is not a secret that women in Venezuela look extremely good and win various beauty contests. If you come to this country, it will surprise you how well brides look here. It is a usual thing for this region, but it looks exotic.

Women of Venezuela are all slim and fit, and they are not afraid to emphasize their ideal shape with the appropriate clothes.

Most local ladies have a caramel skin tone (or even a darker one), but bright eyes colors like blue, grey or green.

You will soon see, that all women are very kind and try to get in touch with you immediately.

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