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However, there are times when you don’t know if an error will occur.For example, you can’t predict when you’ll receive a file I/O error, run out of system memory, or encounter a database error.INTO did not return any row.'); END; We can relate the user defined exception to the predefine errcode of oracle using raise_application_error.the advabtage if using this is all previous transactions which are not committed within the PL/SQL Block are rolled back automatically.

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Exceptions are unforeseen errors that happen in your programs.These things are generally unlikely, but they could still happen and you want to be able to deal with them when they do occur. When exceptions occur, they are said to be “thrown”.What is actually thrown is an object that is derived from the System. In the next section, I’ll be explaining how thrown exceptions are handled with try/catch blocks. Exception class provides several methods and properties for obtaining information on what went wrong.An exception can leave your program in an inconsistent state by not releasing resources or doing some other type of cleanup.A catch block is a good place to figure out what may have gone wrong and try to recover, however it can’t account for all scenarios.

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