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There has been a significant decline in nuptials, with a growing number of Iranian men and women not interested in starting families and an increasing number of couples cohabitating without getting married – what is known as white marriage.

Rather than discouraging youth from going online to find soul-mates, the government has established an official “spouse-finding” website, with counselors, monitors who make sure no one bends the rules and questionnaires to ensure the parties of their compatibility.

By then, however, most such sites were marketing themselves as “marriage websites” to avoid getting shut down.

Of course, the surest way to attract a following in the Islamic Republic is to label something immoral or against religious laws.

Shortly after I passed my two year mark, our first child was born.

My husband and I have been married now for five years and have never seen each other drunk or in the obsession of alcohol.

Seven months after the site was established in June 2015, the government declared that over 16,000 people had registered on the website and that there had been 140 marriages.

However, most of those who signed up were religious or conservative and would have gone down a route similar to having an arranged marriage, except that they could now brag about how virtually cool their initial encounter had been.

In the end, the government may choose to launch a marital website of its own on Telegram or whatever the next popular app turns out to be on the theory that if you can’t beat them, join them.The hottest digital method for dating in Iran is currently the Telegram application.The majority of Iranians — almost all of those who own smartphones and/or tablets — download and use Telegram on a regular basis.There are several Telegram groups, which have labeled themselves as facilitating introductions for marriage and ask for payment, starting at a month, to enter the chat room with a designated, supposedly compatible spouse-to-be, defined by questionnaires and prior vetting.Many of these channels are not really for marriage and are hanging by a thread for fear of being uncovered by the authorities.

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