Error validating proxy id netgear

If you are using dynamic routing, then you need to redistribute these routes to the routing protocol from Palo Alto Networks.

Captures on the Palo Alto Networks firewall for unencrypted traffic can help find out if firewall is sending the packets out towards the resources and if it is getting any response.5) Check whether the Firewall is getting the IP-User Mapping from the Global Protect client.

Useful to see if the firewall is dropping any packets on the dataplane.

But not very helpful with SSL offload enabled since packets might be missing.)Management Port Captures : How To Packet Capture (tcpdump) On Management Interface(For transactions between the firewall and the LDAP server (authentication))2) Debug Logs: Might need to enable debug for more detailed information: 1) Verify that the configuration has been done correctly as per documents suiting your scenario.2) On the client, make sure the Global Protect client is installed, if this is not the first time you are connecting to Global Protect..

For example, if the certificate is for you access the site without the "www" (, you will get this SSL certificate name error.

These are some common ways the name mismatch error is stated in other browsers: "You have attempted to establish a connection with "

However, the security certificate presented belongs to "".

Tools like traffic logs, packet captures, dataplane debugs with global counters can be used to troubleshoot this.

Packet captures on the Client on the Global Protect Adapter can help to compare the packets as sent by the client with what is received on the firewall and vice versa.4) Check whether there is proper route for the IP pool used by Global Protect on the network for reply traffic.

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