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After the young man was reunited with his mother and left, Lois learned that the young man was the very person that she had been looking for: Clark Kent.Following Chloe's return, Lois had planned to enroll at Metropolis University, but was informed that she had failed the last semester of high school and had to attend Smallville High School for a while.Around this time, Olsen had become engaged with Chloe, whom Lois shared the Talon apartment with.Having to put up with the newly-engaged, Lois eventually decided to move out and back to the Kent Farm.

Sometime later, Lois returned to the area near Reeves Dam to continue her investigations.Around the time that Lois graduated High School, she learned about the apparent death of her cousin, Chloe Sullivan.Lois made her way to Smallville, Kansas (convinced that her cousin had been murdered) and discovered a video message from Chloe to a guy named Clark Kent, whom she decided to seek out.Unfortunately, all her photo evidence was destroyed. However, this talk was interrupted by an attack from Black Canary and Lois discovering that Oliver really was the Green Arrow.However, Grant Gabriel, the new editor of the Daily Planet, had been so impressed by her recent article on an underground fight club, that he hired her for the Daily Planet. After Oliver left town, Lois admitted to still having feelings for him, but wouldn't be able to handle being left behind.

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