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British magnate Richard Branson has built a two-seater sub he says can survive a Challenger Deep descent.

And last year, the Triton submersible company unveiled the Triton 36000/3 model, which would reportedly allow a three-person crew to make the journey.

Hugh Cameron--even though three of the five trustees said they could find no “fair and just grounds” for his dismissal.

The compromise, reached at a board meeting Wednesday night, satisfies the demands of Trustees Armando Acosta and Lyn Flory for new leadership in the troubled 4,800-student system, but leaves Cameron’s three supporters on the board with the power to select his successor and control district policy--at least until the next board elections in November.

Cameron will remain as superintendent until his replacement is found, probably by July, and then he will be reassigned as the district’s personnel manager.

The Calcasieu River cradles our facility amidst peaceful marsh and swampland, just 18 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico.Instant Checkmate does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency.In what was termed a political compromise designed to bring peace to warring factions in three communities served by the South Bay Union High School District, the school board has ousted Supt.On the sea floor, Cameron’s sub will experience water pressures approaching 16,000 pounds per square inch (11,250,000 kilograms per square meter).Cameron is not alone in seeking to beat the diving record.

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