Drew and jonathan scott dating datinglingerie com

It’s not often that you find “the one” first time around.

We tell ourselves that the heartbreak we endure when relationships dissolve is all worth it because one day we’ll find a partner that we’ll never part from – if that’s what we want.

The business was relatively successful, and over the course of five years kept both the brothers going financially. As his business was growing, Jonathan decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend, Kelsy Ully.

He’d met her while working as a flight attendant following his financial struggles.

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The split left Jonathan in a slump, and for six months he struggled to overcome a deep depression.

This might have seemed a little out there, but as a student of business management, Jonathan felt he could make the career work.

So, in their first semester, the brothers bought a seven bedroom house and renovated it. Deep down, Jonathan always had a hope that the property development path might one day lead him back to the entertainment industry.

Eventually, Jonathan became licensed as a contractor, and in 2004 the brothers set up Scott Real Estate Inc.

to help other people with buying, selling and renovating their houses.

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