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Rosewood in its many varieties is perhaps the most frequently encountered and the most popular for its seeming translucence and satin, soft finish.

It is above all the faultless workmanship, so typically Chinese, and the fine polish of Chinese furniture that attracts the Westerner.

Of the red lacquers, such as seats and tables, the earliest pieces date from the Plain hardwood furniture is frequently encountered.

Its deserved popularity both in China and the West has been won by its classic simplicity, reserved ornament, and lack of pretense.

The tatami utilized only natural patterns for decoration, although they often were bound in cloth.

Cloth cushions were also used, as were small tables of wood or lacquer, either folding or rigid.

Because there are few extant pieces from the early periods, information about early furniture is gleaned from literary descriptions, engravings on mirrors, clay images, and graphic representations.Its origins remain comparatively obscure, its workshops mostly unrecorded, its designers unknown; consequently, its dating is extremely difficult.Most of the forms of Chinese furniture, such as the low table and the covered bed, are found in the oldest Chinese paintings in existence; the designs have been remarkably conservative throughout the ages.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work!Remarkably little systematic study has been made of Chinese furniture.

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