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After a few days Barrie grew to trust Sean and eventually the two became inseparable in the three months he was in Syria.

Sean had to return to the UK, leaving Barrie behind.

Former Royal Engineer Sean Laidlaw was working as a bomb disposal expert in Syria when he heard whimpering from the rubble of a school that had exploded and collapsed.

Upon further inspection he found that the source of the noise was a tiny, abandoned puppy, surrounded by her four dead siblings.

With anxieties and fears from their previous life, they can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

But all dogs deserve a second chance – and this book will teach you how to provide it.

Gorgeous photography brings to life the true stories of brave Dolley's role as a fire dog in Loudoun, Virginia, U. Young readers will fall for this witty and daring tale of heroism, along with aww-worthy photographs.

It is only through asking for help from her new woodland friends that rescue dog, Luna, can find her way home, highlighting the fact that we’re all different and we’re all uniquely placed to offer something of value to the world. Simple, lyrical text lets readers journey along as Dolley visits the site of a fire, trains to sniff out flammable items, and teaches students about fire safety.

When his contract wasn't renewed he knew he had to bring Barrie home.

The two created an unbreakable bond and they were reunited in emotional scenes that have made headlines all over the world.

Grief can often feel like an isolating experience, it can be hard to talk about and the people around you might not understand why you are so upset.

It’s normal to be out of sorts, and possibly more emotional than you expected.” If you have children, the loss of their pet is often a child’s first experience with death.

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