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Experimental Psychology- laboratory (LBYPSMX) 2 units Prerequisite : Psychological Statistics 2 Prerequisite to : Sensation and Perception, Psychological Measurement 2 This laboratory course is designed to supplement learning in the lecture.It allows the students to apply the principles, concepts, and procedures of experimentation in a series of hands-on exercises corresponding to the various stages of experimentation.Intertek offers analytical laboratory techniques, laboratory instrumentation and testing methods, providing the critical analysis information clients need for trouble-shooting, research, quality control and many other requirements and applications.Intertek scientists and technicians provide the crucial laboratory support you need to help run your business and meet product research, development, and quality goals.

Intertek is a leading provider of independent analytical services.Lectures and discussions on the principles, concepts, and procedures used in experimentation in psychology will be conducted.Both the historical development of the experimental tradition and the current experimental methodology practices will be examined.Psychology of Language and Learning (LEARPSY) 3 units Prerequisite : Introduction to Psychology This course aims to provide the student with a basic understanding of theories and principles in language, learning and memory, and the mechanisms that make these possible.The students will be exposed to classical animal and human studies and the different research methodologies utilized to formulate and validate concepts and theories in language, learning and memory.

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