Display name active directory not updating

Apply the Duo policies to the groups managed by directory sync to maintain the configuration previously applied to the users before the sync.

Yes, you can configure multiple syncs with different source directories of any type and import all those users and groups into Duo.

** Not synced unless the "Import phones" option is checked.

Imported values may not be changed from the Duo Admin Panel.

If you do this, ensure that the users and groups you select for import have unique names.

If you were to configure both an AD and an Azure sync to import a group with the same name — for example, "Duo Users" — then each sync will update the group members to match the members in the source directory, removing any user who is not a member of the grou in that particular source directory.

If the sync process encounters an alias value that's already attached to another Duo user then it skips syncing the user with the duplicated alias value.Duo will not merge information from multiple source directories into a single user's details.User import via AD sync can fail for a few possible reasons: The account you use typically does not require Domain Admin privileges, but it does need at least the “Log on as a service” right on the Authentication Proxy server and read access to Active Directory.IMPORTANT: When you upgrade the Duo Security Authentication Proxy software to a newer version the service will revert to running as "Local System." Repeat the process above to change the service back to using a named domain service account.User import via Open LDAP sync can fail for a few possible reasons: You may run into issues if you try to swap usernames between two Azure users at the same time, such as changing "[email protected]" to "[email protected]" while also changing the original "bob" Azure AD account to "joe".

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