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If she doesn’t, she may come up with an excuse to leave quickly, such as going to meet a friend or getting back home because “it’s late.”What To Do: It’s tempting to get upset when a girl has to leave a date early, especially if you were expecting to spend more time together.

The best thing to do is to think of a first date as an experiment. Either she, or you, may not feel a connection and if so, that’s totally OK.

This is a situation where you need to be hyper-aware and look for the tiny details.

What To Do: Women typically make smaller gestures with their body language than men do, so if you move closer and she seems to move back, it’s a sign she’s not ready for any advances yet.

Left to take care of two young children after a divorce, Iris battled the heartbreak and discovered ways to get herself out of her comfort zone and into the dating world.

On this week’s show, I welcome back Iris Benrubi, a relationship coach at Simply Success.

If you are clear that you’d like to do something alone and she still insists on bringing a friend, you can clarify that you’d “really like to have some time to get to know her better, and you would love to meet her friend some other time.” If she still backs out after this, she may not be interested in something romantic.5. Often a girl will agree to meet for a date just so she has some time to see if she feels a connection or not.Iris’s last tip for how to find love is to get clear with the flags that a man is emotionally unavailable—men that don’t follow up or communicate between dates, men that are dismissive, men that are not interested in learning more about you as a potential partner.If a man isn’t asking you questions about yourself or making an attempt to understand you better, recognize his disinterest as a red flag.What do you think about Iris’s dating advice for women on how to find love? Suzanne Oshima, Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette & the Founder of Single in Stilettos ( interviews Iris Benrubi.I recently took a survey of a bunch of single women on another web site and their answers revealed some surprising signs of when a girl is definitely not interested in you.

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