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They should result in about half as many red-flag warnings being issued, given similar weather patterns.

And the warnings will probably expire after fewer days, said weather service forecaster Steve Vanderburg.

The new standards call for sustained winds of at least 25 mph or frequent gusts of 35 mph, combined with 15 percent or lower humidity over at least six hours.It also helps to prevent fuel build-up that can contribute to the severity of wildland fires, Baird said, noting that fire officials need to know when to extinguish fires and when to let them burn to mitigate that potentially threatening fuel build-up.The frequency of red-flag warnings signaling an elevated wildfire threat has too often become white noise.They found that under the old system, many alerts were issued solely because meteorologists expected prolonged periods of extremely low humidity.If the relative-humidity level in a region was projected to dip to 10 percent or lower for 10 hours or more, the red flag was raised.

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