David thewlis and natalia tena dating

My actual last day was just a very quick pick-up shot for second unit, a night shot for Dom Fysh, who was the first AD on the second unit, and he gave us a very brief speech and I saluted and off I went before I started blubbing like a five-year-old girl.Natalia Tena: My first time on set I wasn’t actually filming because I was a new character.Tom, can I ask you about one particular moment in the final film when Draco crosses the battlements to join the Death Eaters and he hesitates before he goes. TF: He only did it once out of the 50 times we did it, and show that to a UK audience and it’s seen as pure menace, like, what’s he going to do, is he going to [mimes violent stabbing] but in America it was hilarious, like it was a huge joke.WD: The way his body language was, he did it in a really odd way.”, and we said no, so the casting director went off and popped her head in a meeting between David Heyman, Chris Columbus and JK Rowling and whispered for a bit, then came back and said “Right, James you’re Fred, and Oliver, you’re George.” JP: I like to think they sat around a boardroom like this and it was like a huge meeting. JW: Well yes, of course, because we had them baptised. WD: Absolutely, they were in the last film as well.Annabel was about three when I started on these films and Harrison was born in 2003, so he’s grown up while I’ve been doing this. WD: In Gringott’s bank, you see a couple of little tiny goblins in the establishing shot of Gringott’s pulling a little cart, they’re the tiniest goblins.

Dan, Rupert and Emma were doing a shot where they’re diving over the camera in slow-motion, it was for, you know, when they leave the ministry and they escape by diving into the fireplace.

So the producer said to bring Annabel down, we’ll make it special because the Great Hall was filled with people.

It was the scene where Snape has just taken over Hogwarts as headmaster and Harry comes back and has a confrontation, so quite a lot of the key cast were in and they all bought out a birthday cake for Annabel and everyone sang Happy Birthday. WD: Seeing Alan singing Happy Birthday was quite an unusual thing to see.

Then the last day we were shooting on one of the stages in the turrets. He was just standing outside with an umbrella and it was absolutely hammering it down, and I remember looking back seeing this car driving us there and he wasn’t sure how he was getting back, he’s probably still there now driving around Yorkshire!

The weirdest thing was actually leaving the hotel for good. That was my first impression of the actual film industry, then our final day was shooting the battlements and when we left, the bulldozers were waiting to start taking it down. Warwick Davis: My last day was the last day, the official one.

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