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To obtain fresh sandstone, slabs and blocks have to be carefully quarried.

Several quarries still operate in the Gosford area just north of Sydney, and one near Bundanoon to the south-west.

Every major, world-recognized city has its unique landmarks and features.

Sydney, Australia’s oldest city (settled in 1788) and largest (more than 3.5 million people), and soon to host the 2000 Summer Olympics, is no exception.

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After washing and drying, it was combusted to recover any carbon dioxide for the radiocarbon analysis.

The analytical report from the laboratory indicated detectable radiocarbon had been found in the fossil wood, yielding a supposed value of –24.0 ‰.13 This value is consistent with the analyzed carbon in the fossil wood representing organic carbon from the original wood, and not from any contamination.

Of course, if this fossil wood really were 225–230 million years old as is supposed, it should be impossible to obtain a finite radiocarbon age, because all detectable C should have decayed away in a fraction of that alleged time—a few tens of thousands of years.

Among the line of Toad houses on either side of the street, there was a commotion going on in house 487, a home with a blue-mushroom roof and Fire Flowers and little Tanooki Leaf trees growing in the garden. In front of her, two creepy and sunken-eyed Boos were guffawing at the family of Toads, who were all backed up in a corner, shivering. We'll c-call Luigi to suck you both meanies up w-with his special ghost vacuum! He was wearing a vivid green shirt and hat and blue overalls. "The two Boos dashed in separate directions, narrowly avoiding the blast of suction from the Poltergust. Luigi pulled out, and set down onto the counter, a plate of homemade lemon pie. back to work…/By am, Luigi had finally got the establishment to look at least decent for his guest, who would be arriving in about three or four hours from now. Gadd responded, thinking back to his younger years.

The sounds being described in the home was a mix of girlish screams and delicate porcelain shattering."AHHHHH! The larger of the two Boos cackled to his partner."Let's make the blue Toad wet his diaper, Bootler! The Toad, in question, was actually the father of the family. "I always like it when I see these funguses make a rush for the bathroom! " spoke a tiny Toad boy, who was in his PJs and holding tightly to his stuffed animal. He was wearing large brown worker boots, which looked like they saw a lot of action for many years. Luigi quickly looked left and right, and decided to go for the smaller Boo first./Bootler was frantically looking for someplace to hide. The gooey, yellow lemony filling was oozing out of the perfectly baked brown crust. The work area was still messy and full of residue, and he didn't want Valentina to think he works in a pigsty. Totally wiped out, Luigi dragged his feet back to bed and collapsed on it, instantly knocked to sleep. "I never knew you were quite the ladies man, Luigi! " he asked, while folding his arms on the breakfast table and tilting his head.

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