Dating with a purpose theology of the body

And where there is a deficit in understanding (and knowing the joys of) holy intimacy, people will be less likely to seek it out for themselves. And this will impact the type and quality draws people closer to Him and the pursuit of virtue (even if a person doesn’t recognize this gradual transformation at the time).With holiness and virtue as an underlying objective, a person reveals that their primary intention is to strive to draw another person into a deeper intimacy may become perceived as something reserved for only sexual/romantic circumstances.Pearcey’s book is a faithful guide to helping Christians resist putting asunder what God has joined together.And she makes a convincing case that this sort of theological integrity has to come through a recovery of natural law theology and, specifically, the Bible’s teleological view of the psychosomatic human person.

It has a built-in purpose, part of which is expressed as the moral law.” Because of this, both natural and moral law should form the way we interact with ourselves and others.

Additionally, Hudson serves as a consultant to various Catholic agencies, speakers and educators.

, Nancy Pearcey makes the compelling argument that a fundamental philosophical error lies at the root of each one of these issues currently championed by today’s reigning secular morality. A personhood theory that “entails a two-level dualism that sets the body the person, as though they were two separate things merely stuck together” (21).

Casual sex can be purely physical, with no psychological or spiritual implications.

If the body has nothing meaningful to say about one’s sexuality, if it has no built-in , or purpose, then the reality of male-female sexual complementarity need not inform one’s sexual acts or identities. Addressing this proliferation of dichotomies may sound Hegelian: joining together again what God never intended to be apart requires synthesis, cooperation, and mutual-information.

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