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You are looking for your life partner and you are willing to look abroad?In Ukraine, there are many beautiful single women, who are open to a serious relationship with a foreign man.Visit her home country is the best way to meet the two. We can help you organize a meeting and accompany you on your journey. Make your virtual relationship more successful, and overcome the large distance between you and your lady by enjoying happy moments together.You can start building on the distant relationship when you are both trying to please each other with small …A few years ago we did a search and presented a selection of ads from Ukraine’s marriage agencies seeking so called “translators” (people who chat with foreigners and write letters) and “models” (pretty girls whose pictures and videos are used in the ads).There were 222 vacancies (yes, such an interesting number!

By the way, Ukrainian presidential elections are to be decided this Saturday 20 April — only 3 days left! These are the vacancies that are still active and seek applicants right now.) but today we discovered whopping 355 jobs on offer when running a search on the employment portal Some of these publications are listed below (scroll down), the full text and contact details of the agents, wages offered to workers, what the job entails, etc.No feelings are mentioned, only the ability to earn money.You’ll see all the vacancies seeking to hire personnel that is doing the job on pay per letter dating sites presenting women from Ukraine: Letter writers (aka “translators”) and women to pose in photos. The ads also list the websites where workers will be applying their skills.

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