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Also called “Cowper’s glands.”Slang for dressing like or taking on roles that are traditionally “masculine,” especially in regard to lesbians or gender-nonconforming individuals.Some people may call themselves butch, while others find the term offensive.When they happen in the mouth or throat, they’re called “thrush.”Short for a cervical cap, a birth control method.A cervical cap is a cup made from soft silicone and shaped like a sailor's hat. Used with spermicide, the cervical cap is a reusable barrier method of birth control that’s available by prescription.

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Hormones that stimulate male genital development in the womb and secondary male sex characteristics during puberty.

Large amounts are produced in testicles and small amounts are produced in ovaries. Medicine that protects against pain during medical procedures. Local anesthesia numbs a small area of the body, like the cervix.

A type of yeast that causes vaginal yeast infections when it becomes overgrown.

Yeast infections may also occur in the penis or scrotum, or the mouth/throat.

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