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It is recognized that the legal rights to the CSP name and control of that entity is indeed the sole property of the Culvers.Therefore, in order to prevent any confusion, chaos and negative posts created by the usual suspects as the result of duplicate efforts on multiple sites under the CSP banner, it\'s now time for us close this temporary site and the hosting services that we\'ve been providing for free to the Culvers and the CSP community since March 1st of 2009.Toward that end we established a CSP Moderator Team composed of a group long time CSP members, who volunteered their time and services for the rest of you to help maintain order, prevent chaos and enforce the rules in as fair and balanced manner as is possible, remembering that we\'re all human.On that note, we\'d like to thank Bill Hollinger, Rick the Librarian, Amatikulu, Bob Womack and cafdfw (Harlan - DECEASED), the latter of whom got thrown under a bus regularly. There have been days (and weeks) where I said to my wife, why did we ever do this?

It became obvious within weeks of the transition that the CSP Forums needed some form of moderation using a simple set of rules, so it could be maintained as a fair and friendly place to visit by everyone.

A Google search for "United States Section of the Milsurp Knowledge Library.', BGCOLOR, '#DDDDDD', BORDERCOLOR, '#000000', BORDERWIDTH, '1', FOLLOWMOUSE, 0, OFFSETX, -10, OPACITY, '95', FADEIN, '25', FADEOUT, '25', CLICKCLOSE, true, FOLLOWSCROLL, true, PADDING, 0, BALLOON, 1 , ABOVE, false, TITLE1, 'United States - Milsurp Knowledge Library', LINKURL, 'https://

uid=0&fid=108&t=v&kw=M1', function (res) );" style="font-weight: Normal;font-style: Normal;text-decoration: None;text-transform: None;font-size:100%;color:#000000;font-family:;" Serial Numbers" might work; alternatively, there's sure to be someone who has an internet URL at his/her fingertips.

uid=0&fid=108&t=v&kw=Jouster', function (res) );" style="font-weight: Bold;font-style: Italic;text-decoration: None;text-transform: None;font-size:100%;color:#000000;font-family:;" was limited to what serial number blocks were assigned to which manufacturers, and, in the case of SA / WRA WWII production, the approximate month and year of production.

Post WWII rifles -- SA / IHC / HRA -- cannot be so dated as the records were not retained.

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