Dating strong women

When men complain of women being too feminist and aggressive they are actually complaining that women are too independent .

They take issue with not being able to control their women, but instead of looking in the mirror, they go for the good old finger pointing.

The strong woman is at the opposite end of the spectrum though. However, purely speaking about sex appeal, broadest pull by far is that of the feminine woman who can breath sexual energy into her demeanor.

The pool of men she’s interested -and who are interested in her! Indeed all three top seducing strategies that we reviewed, all use a hint of submissivness.

The second reason, is a bit more perverse: Women (same same as men) derive innate pleasure be being more liked and pursued by men.

More than just pure pleasure, it’s an innate drive underpinned by both survival and reproduction needs. And by decreasing the appeal of other women, they automatically increase theirs.

Because she’s slightly detail-oriented, from planning outings to noticing those little things about you, a strong woman will always take your needs into consideration, whether it’s protecting your feelings or making sure your tie looks great.

However, the two categories are still helpful to understand the differences And many women will lean a bit more on the strong side or on the feminine side.She might have a job and even do financially well, but she prioritizes her family and her relationships.In the relationship she tends to defer more to her man, be less opinionated and, overall, be more submissive.- is much, much smaller (only a few of the most dominant men). And Marilyn Monroe combined submissiveness with a high erotic charge.It’s worth noting that whenever a woman goes too far in each direction, either too masculine or too feminine, it’s usually unattractive.

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