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I’ve told my wife but I’ve managed to keep a lot a secret.” Check out these new photos, that show Murphy and his fellow castmembers shooting a funeral procession on the streets of Manchester (but set as London in the show).

Someone is awaiting a fatal end in Season 5, but who?

Images have been shared of a rally in which Claflin plays the historical fascist Max Oswald Mosley.

“I’m the biggest fan boy,” Claflin told the Evening Standard.

It has been used by the series since 2013 for classic scenes of Charlie Strong’s canalside yard, illicit meetings under the canal bridge and iconic shots of Tommy Shelby walking menacingly down chalk alleys.

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@BBCOne — Peaky Blinders (@The Peaky Blinder) October 18, 2018 From the above, it sounds like Tom Hardy won’t be back. Cillian Murphy has signed up for the next season as Tommy, and Arthur is of course still alive.“Genuinely when I got to set and heard Cillian start talking as Tommy Shelby I started fangirling a little bit.The director had to go ‘Sam, bring it down, bring it down’.” As for the plot of season 5, Claflin said: “I don’t want to ruin it for people.He’s back in ’30s gangster attire with a short back and sides.New cast join #Peaky Blinders for series five on @BBCOne inc.

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