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They are liable to repeat their mistakes, making them susceptible to similar conflicts, and another broken marriage follows.

There are some individuals in second and third marriages who consider divorce manageable and not necessarily a tragedy.

For less than you can do an online check—after all, we use Yelp just to check someone's credentials to fix the sink." —Dee Dee Marcelli, divorced three times, Hollywood makeup artist MORE: 7 Things You Need To Know About Divorcing Over 50 "Yes, I've been married twice, and I'm not ashamed of it at all.

I truly wouldn't be the woman I am today without those life lessons.

The growing independence between genders is thought to be one of the reasons for the significant increase in the incidence of divorce in first marriages during recent decades.

Women have become more financially independent and men have become increasingly more domestically independent.

And if you've divorced more than once, well, it's even easier to blame yourself because there's just one common denominator: you.

In fact, your parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, and perhaps even potential new romantic interests may tell you that it's your fault. Longevity is not the only measure of a marriage's success.

They are who they are, and you have to accept that.After all, haven't we all seen unions that last 'until death' but are devoid of love, sex, or respect and full of anger, contempt, or passive-aggressiveness?Why would those marriages be considered successful?When I finally remarried, I was thankful for not only a second chance, but a third chance," says Love.Here is been-there, done-that advice from women who've walked down the aisle—and ended their marriage—more than once.

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