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You may need to consult the full style manual or consult a librarian for complex citation questions.

Note: Throughout this guide you will find examples of how to cite online sources (ebooks, online journal articles, etc.).

glob uses two special symbols that act like sort of a blend between a meta-character and a quantifier. as the pcre equivalent of the dot (.) Note: * and ?

function independently from the previous character. For instance, if you do glob("a*.php") on the following list of files, all of the files starting with an 'a' will be returned, but * itself would match: // * matches nothing // * matches the second 'a' // * matches 'b' // * matches 'bc' // * matches nothing, because the starting 'a' fails // * matches nothing, because the starting 'a' fails // * matches nothing, because the starting 'a' fails It does not match just and as a 'normal' regex would, because it matches 0 or more of any character, not the character/class/group before it. .php") on the same list of files will only return and because as mentioned, the ?

glob's regex also supports character classes and negative character classes, using the syntax [] and [^].

It will match any one character inside [] or match any one character that is not in [^].

PHP can create such directories quite easily like so:mkdir(" core");100.000).

You get an "Allowed memory size of XYZ bytes exhausted ..." error.

, which would match 0 or 1 of the previous character.The more stable way is to use readdir() on very large numbers of files: I lost hours looking for the solution for this problem.glob() wasn't eating up my directory names (stuff like "foobar[]"), and I searched online for some hours, I tried preg_quote to no avail.I finally found the proper way to escape stuff in glob() in an obscure Python mailing list: First off, it's nice to see all of the different takes on this. Fascinated by the foreach usage I was curious how it might work with a for loop.These rules are subject to change when citation styles are revised, so be sure to consult the most recent edition of a given citation manual.Since I feel this is rather vague and non-helpful, I thought I'd make a post detailing the mechanics of the glob regex. matches 1 of any character except a / The * matches 0 or more of any character except a / If it helps, think of the * as the pcre equivalent of .* and ?

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