Dating myself by poetri

And I grieved as they began to fade into the background. And slowly, my relationships with others began to deepen in a way I hadn’t known before, and those relationships became so much more fulfilling.

Inevitably, some people didn’t understand as I began to shift myself out of old spaces.

I don’t think it’s unusual to lose yourself as you throw everything you have into trying to make something work. He is the sole care giver for his wife Juren who is unable to walk, and father to their two young children. READ HIS WIFE JUREN'S STORY:"This past Sunday night, was the scariest night of my life. He started mumbling, swerving, side swiping objects and other cars, all while not really understanding why all of us were screaming, crying, and begging him to STOP. He's known for poems like "Krispy Kreme" "Money" and "Dating Myself." I had the pleasure of meeting Poetri and his wife Juren J-boogie Spoken Funk Smith years ago during my LA days. Well sadly, Poetri suffered a stroke recently and his family is going through it. It happened while he was driving home after happily getting off stage from one of his shows, with all of us in the car, yet none of us knew what was happening.There I was, slouched in the back row with a bag of popcorn, watching one of those deep art house movies I could never find anyone else to watch with me. I began drawing new boundaries, and, in doing so, I found myself letting go in a way that was new to me. But my priorities had shifted, and this was important. I knew I needed to build a foundation that was strong and real. I no longer worried about admitting my flaws and weaknesses, because admitting them meant I could begin to accept them—and to accept myself. It’s more like a relationship with someone else than I realised.

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