Dating much older women

As an older single woman, you’ve mastered the art of cooking.

You’ve had to cook for yourself, and sometimes, cook for your own family.

That’s why younger men are so attracted to older women, especially the men that are ambitious and want to expand themselves intellectually.

Gareth Rubin in The Telegraph explains it perfectly: “You’ll understand when you’re older.’ Literally everyone has heard those maddening words, and yet when you’re in a relationship with someone older than you – going to dinner together, choosing a flat together et al – you realise just how true it is.” Rich life experience is hard to come by, and a man will mature more quickly if they have someone to learn from.

A big problem for a young man is financial security.

What’s more, you’ve had experience with different types of men, and you can easily point out the young man’s flaws and opportunities for growth. According to Alan Angal, 36, he was attracted to his older fiancée, Jennifer Siegner, 45, for her stability: And while you might think that young men only want something quick, it’s not entirely true.

You understand what kind of man he is and what kind of man he can be. Some guys become so in love with you, they just want to be with you for the rest of their life. Some studies have found that men prefer honest women, particularly for long-term relationships.

This obviously translates into various departments – whether relating to what’s going on inside her mind or what happens inside the bedroom.” The older you are, the experience you have.

The more experience you have, the more you can teach.

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