Dating in antigua guatemala

She had also never been with a foreigner before, which accounted for a lot of the delay. You’ll find them on Tinder in Guatemala City and at the bars in Antigua.These girls will have slept with foreigners before and won’t make you wait too long for sex if they’re into you.You’ll be able to party whenever and invite hot Guatemalan chicks from the capital to come stay a night with you when you don’t feel like going out.

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It should be noted that if a Guatemalan girl isn’t a gringo hunter, then she will be fairly conservative.The richest Guatemalans live here, so you’ll find the high-end girls here.Antiagua is the backpacker mecca of Central America.She will probably make you wait a few dates before sleeping with you.I even had one girl make me wait four dates without booze before we went to bed.

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